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Going out on my own

by {Danielle}

May 19, 2017

Welcome to the Omni Wedding & Events blog ...

This has been six years in the making!  I have a passion for events and people that I never knew existed until a friend of mine needed help.  She brought me on board to help with a concert and the rest is history!

Please stay tuned for updates where you can learn more about Omni, my services, booked couples and other wedding tips!

Excited to start this journey!

What's in a name?

May 20, 2017

by {Danielle}

Why did I choose the name Omni?

It's kind of a family name.  My parents owned a company called Omni Telecommunications for over 20 years.  My mom and dad laid the foundation for my work ethic (In-N-Out Burger helped a lot too) and I always admired their entrepreneurial spirit.  Their company also gave them the flexibility to take myself and my twin sister camping and everywhere we needed to go for baton competitions.  Choosing the name Omni was an obvious choice and a way to pay homage to them.




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