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Kyla & Manny

Kyla and Manny wed on a perfect day in May and what can I say except I fell in love! 

I fell head over heels for the entire gang and here’s how … I loved how straightforward and concise her mom Sheri was, since she was my first contact and yet left plenty of room for her daughter and future son in law’s input.  I loved how just real, down to earth, and organized Kyla was when I met her and Sheri for coffee.  I loved the initial “sup” and head nod I received from Manny – seriously, sometimes that’s all I need.

Kyla & Manny
Sunset in Amador

I went with them in March to visit their chosen venue, Amador Cellars, and the entire family came along unexpectedly – even the grandparents!  They were great!!  It was absolutely clear this wedding was going to be a ton of fun. 

The day could not have turned out better with all of Kyla’s added details giving it the amount of personal flare, and Sheri, her mom helping all the way because she wanted to.  I turned around so many times to she her crawling under some table in her formal dress; eventually stopped asking her what she was doing because it was clear the fussing around her oldest daughter was making her happy.  Their friends were all super awesome and just like Kyla and Manny – super chill! It was incredibly flattering to run into a guest that was a former bride back when I was at my previous venue who said that after I left she wished she would have hired me.

The funniest (ok, maybe creepiest) part was when Kyla’s dad Pat, had a 4ft American Girl doll dressed up like 5-year-old Kyla in a hysterical get up of a jean vest, galoshes, glasses, a tutu, plastic jewelry, a tiara, etc.  In his toast to the happy couple he spoke to Manny and said that this was how he knew that his princess was at her most comfortable (gesturing to the doll), until she met Manny.  Then he took off the tiara from the doll and gave it to Manny saying, “continue to treat my princess well.”  It was all very sweet but I swear for the rest of the night that stupid doll (4ft remember) scared the crap out of me! 

This family’s closeness was so impressive and absolutely incontestable.  The way the teased, uplifted, comforted and loved; it was truly a family to emulate (and maybe just the right amount of crazy).

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