This family’s closeness was so impressive and I fell in love with them. The way the teased, uplifted, comforted and loved; it was truly a family to emulate and maybe just the right amount of crazy.

Kyla & Manny

This weekend was the Sacramento Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show. It was my second time attending the show and I loved it! A few things were the same as last year, one being my handsome helper husband, but I also made some upgrades to my booth and marketing materials, along with beautiful photos and experience […]

Why did I choose the name Omni? It’s kind of a family name.  My parents owned a company called Omni Telecommunications for over 20 years.  My mom and dad laid the foundation for my work ethic (In-N-Out Burger helped a lot too) and I always admired their entrepreneurial spirit.  Their company also gave them the […]